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Cheap Cucci Handbgas Deliberate process as if the lightning flash is general
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TOPIC: Cheap Cucci Handbgas Deliberate process as if the lightning flash is general

Cheap Cucci Handbgas Deliberate process as if the lightning flash is general 11 months, 3 weeks ago #16490

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Be like to press the manuscript to stand down to go, or let everything kept didn't know!"
In the mouth but say:"That good, this I don't ask.But you can will your tell me usually?I think that this can't influence anything, because you have already destined to is my under charge."
Pei five righteousness face top not from peep out a silk smile to say:"Certainly, archon, I was originally star in the capital city the excellent grade of first graduation in the college of military officer livinged, you picked out while commanding with Milky Way college to patrol me to be used as your assistant and become No.1 base ground in time and space a military officer."
"Does the Milky Way command?Do you say that the ground is a cold Jun commander-in-chief?"The Xiao is strong not from opened widely a mouth to ask way,
"Yes,!That cold Jun commander-in-chief is always polite to you to have been already added, hard imagination, the Milky Way is respectfully commanded by person most incredibly so polite to you, until now I also not understand, the cold Jun commands why to you so!"Pei five righteousnesses Be some to don't understand that the ground says.
"That I in the future be not have much of the real strenght ground the person?"Xiao strong heart in not from imagine a future position and identity of oneself.
"Archon, I have a wife,, there is also a daughter, my wife does a branch ground manager at a catena group now, my daughter has been 3 years old now, is an amiability very much, I have for her one very good to listen name!Be called Pei green depend on."Pei five righteousnesses say at this time and take in the voice the silk remembers fondly of feeling.
"I hadn't once seen them for two years, the No.1 base in time and space was an extremely airtight section in the intergalactic federal, and I can not contact them at any time!There is also one year, I will have a holiday to see them for time!"Pei five righteousnesses say, but suddenly discover the Xiao was strong don't keep up with, but stop at rear.
Become overdo to come to hope to go,, but discovers Xiao being strong to unexpectedly uses oddness to hope him to look in the eyes in the polar region.
"Archon, what's the matter with you?What problem?"Pei five righteousnesses not from oddly ask a way.
The Xiao is strong to respond to come over right away, the bitterness says with a smile:"It doesn't matter!I just thought of a matter,, your daughter's name was really good to listen!You quickly get into with me to go in my space base and bring to life that infant quickly!"
Expose in the heart is think a way:"I day!This small Pei is incredibly that'accompany to stay overnight ground'old dad, and is my future under charge, this also pulled too much!The Pei is green to depend on just 23 years old now, ha!It being a baby to pour the ground age is just about with that jade!So say, I ascend was an a life time also only an infant on the ages in the Pei five righteousnesses at present?"
Thought of oneself once called crystal name of history that identity, momentary, in heart felt that the current affairs is oddly and nothing is better than and hereat.
Deliberate process as if the lightning flash is general, however used two seconds, he was together
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