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Start aggression.The Xi clansmen is a few Shan bodies, skill make use of to change countenance, touched doorway.Solution drops doorway of a few Shao stake, once the front door open, a group of persons killed into.
The cutthroat in the manor, by this time many poisons on the Human bodies have been already gone into action, the arms and legs nerveless east pours west slanting.Still have many efforts order so much of, hear shout to kill a voice, know medium plot secretly against, control breath strong suppress the poison on the body, start organizing backstroke, special training of cutthroat, quickly put to open an intensive a type, poisoned deeply block at be poisoned to lightly stand after death to front, formed a protection type.
The hasty backstroke that only hasn't comes yet, welcome Li Tian the first long-distance leave to kill wound.The javelin of bird clan, person,
custom nfl jerseys cheap, Ma Zu,'s arrows,
Throwback nfl jerseys, the manikin clan flies ax, the flying of raindrop sort is toward the crowd.In the cutthroats bellow a voice continuously, the cutthroats start hereafter noodles stepping back, but behind also rushing out more than ten individuals and impeding their way outs.Plus to conceal in the Xi clansmen of dark place, killing them one is caught unprepared, bear clansmen also the Hao called to join combat.Have no to hang to read,, person, Ma Zu, targets superior's gunning in the cutthroat, those people hold up arrows to can not hold up against the heavy knife of bear clansmen and hold up knife to can not hold up against arrows, the invisibly perfect match sees of Li Tian also secretly praise highly.
Not big short while, Li Tian's person's horse washed the whole manor for the blood.Connect the dogs didn't leave, Guo Jing didn't begin, have been being protecting Li Tian.
Finish cleaning up battlefield, the owners all have a little an excitement, Li Tian looking at these under charges and happily shouts 1:"The brotherses pain."
Six clansmens send out a burst of and open cachinnation.I day, unexpectedly don't say a chief as well pain,, or behave a people service what of, know silly smile, seem still need to raise education.
"Adult, someone rode horse to rush toward this."A bird clan says.
Li Tian Yi stares blankly and immediately after says:"Have no time and he Be blind to play, we walk and go to and make adult assemble with absolute being.Guo Jing, that person stayed to you, began to have to be quick and quickly caught up."
Guo Jing ordered to nod, Li Tian led one under the assistant,
2013 Super bowl nfl jerseys, go to and say the absolute being stick of good location rendezvous.
But say that the comer is why the need for exactly iron hand a stone, receive Qian Gui's order, iron hand beats a horse to go straight to manor since then.
When see a Guo Jing's cool-headed station a front at the manor, iron hand know that the affair may be far from good.Some action in the manor also has no, the breathing of death covers with manor, and the preparing of a kind of bad omen feeling climbs at heart.
"We meeteach other again."Iron hand is very deep to the impression that Guo calms down.
"I am particularly send you to set out."Guo Jing finishes saying
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