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lancel messenger bag "You are getting wronger
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TOPIC: lancel messenger bag "You are getting wronger

lancel messenger bag "You are getting wronger 11 months ago #108131

  • tse56mnmda07
Wreath attack, in all the world, perhaps also having no several people can hide lead.
Han Dan tooks a look to fall the gold with just vacillating top black four brotherseses at the ground and helplessly says:"You also saw, is what he makes me make moves, not that the my cruel hand is hot."
Seven black handle knob one stand:"You are getting wronger, we what don't also see."
The facial expression that Han Dan immediately peeps out to wish had met earlier:"Ha ha ha ……"
Seven black immediately report with have similar tastes of smiling face:"Ha ha ha ……"
Then is clearer than heart at the moment to the dangerous and bad circumstances after other 3 people wreaths attend to 1 turn, unconscious, unexpectedly wrinkled up eyebrows.
But listen to three black say:"Hell sea of blood, fix Luo's boundary, originally and unexpectedly is in this place."
Listen to his parlance, seem to understand 12, Han Dan came right away interest and said:"But please advise."
Three black then and slowly the way come:"It is saied that the Hong receives to develop, born and hellish nether world, should be the creation works properly the place of root, the so-called leaf falls to return a root, after person die, it whole body blood, then will at the invisible midstream arrive in this hell sea of blood, and its psyche, also such as have no the leaf of root general, from now on and then Be bumed to this sea of blood on, looking at own blood to flow to drip, fear ……"
Han Dan listens to greatly terrifiedly and difficult to expressly fear to suddenly rise Teng and then linger around between the heart, but endless curious under the heart is more prosperous, he immediately cross-examines a way:"But just this person, seem to be different from soul thing."
Three black saw his one eye, say:"In the hell sea of blood, conceived a placenta after becoming the night river Zu teacher, there is big magical power, Yan fix Luo's one clan, there are six greatest pupils, BE:Comfortable sky of wave a period of 10 days, desire color sky and big Fan the sky, wet old woman and Fan assist sky and Fan for many days.There is another a sky, imperial concubine black Mo, because of Tuo Luo and because of reaching Luo and Pi the wet Nu and Lu gives Luo, and ghost mother...etc.12 protect a method.You just killed of, would be them of 12 protect one of the methods, because of reaching Luo."
Han Dan just at shocked, but listen to three black continue to say:" Fix Luo's one clan near gobble up the livinging of hell blood sea soul soul, strengthen an oneself to fix for and real strenght, because the sorcery clan power is big, they never bleed sea and concentrate quiet fix."
"But I see here, in addition to sea of blood seem to have no ghost."Han Dan continues to sublimate own curious and interrogative.
"I want two kinds of possibility, the firsts, the ghost is early unbearable and heartless to tie up and without restraint the Nue kill, this time take the earth to open crack, then followed crack to escape, the second, fix Luo's one clan to can't helplessly looking at millions ghost passage, either, they perhaps and early thought a way to transfer ghost to combine a jailbird to trap."3.
"Speech it has a reason, " Han Dan nods and suddenly lowers the head to see in the ground
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