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Give you bottom contract
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TOPIC: Give you bottom contract

Give you bottom contract 11 months, 1 week ago #108125

  • gayvhu07ea9
Give you bottom contract?"
The flame lion nods,gucci sale handbags, and then roars low.
"I can untie this contract for you!"Once the Zhuo feather Hey Hey smile, his mentality is enough strong, make to open contract not difficult,, see his skill press at flame lion of before the chest, respond the contractual diagram line in his body with the mentality ……
"Unexpectedly trap monster contract, too evil!"Zhuo the time that feather is leisure, also usually turn over and open he is from those Taoist sons body up get of book to see, know that this contract is what evil naturally.
Contract like this,ray ban sunglasses buy online, only a mind, can decide the life and death of demon monster,, and the host died, the demon monster would also follow to depart from this life, if while needing,outlet louis vuitton, the host can also take demon the strength of the monster!
The Zhuo feather transfered his/her own all mentalities and was contractual strong line of that to put on!As long as his mentality is strong to lead next contract of person, can put on it goes,, and this contract of skill too simple, very easy can make.
The contract puts on go to of at the same time, on a high mountain, grandiosity of in the palace, the facial expression of an old becomes very pale ……
"Ha ha, relieve, however I also want the next contract to you, this contract can't limit you, can just make our ability better exchanges."The Zhuo feather says with smile, this bewitching monster was hissoon !
The flame lion ordered to nod and expressed consent.
The Zhuo feather mows finger to break and draws a difficult to understand contractual diagram line in the overhead of flame lion, this pretty much consumes mentality, the process is also very brief, this contract calls"touch with spiritual contract" is ability and demon monster communication of contract.
"Complete, fixing the method door of way was to make so much!"The Zhuo feather touched the head of touching the flame lion.
"The method door that fixs an is really a lot of,real gucci bags,, and very terrible, however host not is fix a such severe, let the surprise that I feel very."The voice of a complaisance thinks of in the brain of Zhuo feather, this is really the voice of that flame lion, and all of this are to touch with spiritual contractual effect.
"Ha ha,, have never thought you still a head of the polite lion is really rare!You need not shout my host hereafter, we are equal.I make you promote real strenght, you help me, and this is a kind of bargain!"The Zhuo feather says with smile, for accept public that set of,gucci handbags, it is more useful to use on the demon monster.
Making the flame lion a burst of is indeed as expected touched:"Thanks,, can meet you the mankind like this is also my luck!How don't know to call you?"
This flame lion is thus polite, really make the Zhuo feather some surprised
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