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lancel bag bardot "Be free
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TOPIC: lancel bag bardot "Be free

lancel bag bardot "Be free 11 months, 1 week ago #107984

  • bagyfbsj07
The theory is the star soul a dint still a demon dint,lancel bag bardot, Chu's male all already come to an eight stars is as above as eight wreaths!Certainly, this is the most normal guess, also very reasonable explanation.
But such guess, then formed such a consensus:Chu the male star soul dint at least eight stars, demon dint at least eight wreaths;The comprehensive war capability is equal to ……nine stars?……Nine wreaths?……
No wonder that!General eight wreath the big demon all chase demon the soul be into the treasure of own this life, don't dare to coagulate and fear to have mishap.But Chu's male dare demon releasing of soul just and upright, so the explanation only has 1:The real strenght of Chu's male is probably the state of nine the wreath demons in the sky, hence makes demon the soul also had the attack dint of eight wreath big demons.H'm, can explain so!
The whole demon robs to close, quiet like dead hour graveyard.
Originally held gun fierce blunt Zhu Yan, after seeing the bewitching soul of Chu's male frightened, the energy running out to suck at breast just abruptly took back blunt power, foolish signed in Chu's male and demon the Da is in front several ten meters distance.The other people can guess the real strenght of Chu's male nine wreaths, Zhu Yan can even guess.
Play trick!To a nine wreaths big demon real strenght of does the superior start impact?That is to seek dead!Is much less, Chu's male nearby still has a bewitching Da of eight wreath big demons.Although the demon Da gets hurt,the condition of the injury isn't and very heavy,lancel adjani, still keep owning a strong war capability.
But who know Chu persecution within ambition again?At this moment, no one can give relief to demon Da from Zhu Yan Qiang's bottom.Thus,lancel bags usa, Chu male can expose an a great deal of bottom results in by expecting the situation of really true or false leave, dust back Zhu Yan.But match with just and with one action shot Kui the Wei power of four seven wreath big demons, he this really had the huge earthquake Zhe the function all alone.
But, the back of scene is a very and heavy price.This time one war, Chu's male has already become the public enemy of world monster demon.But now, oneself for giving relief to demon Da,lancel handbags outlet, and then have to expose "bewitching Wu Shuang Xiu" and"own demon soul" these two graveness secret!After justing think, doing not know will have how much bother to wait oneself.For example that star soul palace,louis vuitton men, if will can't produce to sweep away a concealed mind for suffering from after knowing this news?The big demon of world, will can't don't stop of assassination oneself?
Can't, who let oneself is a men?But get close to the woman of place of doom,red louis vuitton, again it happened that is his own woman!
"Da, how is condition of the injury?"Chu's male pretends not concerned Zhu Yan and just by hand dauts the wound of demon Da, ten thousand sorts deplore greatly.
Does the demon Da know the inside situation of Chu's male and also know that Chu's male doesn't hesitate the intention that the life and death swindles by false pretenses??All for the sake of her.Demon Da eyes a red, but smile way:"Be free, the skin external injury is just.

boutique lancel 77 the Xuan Yuan again reminds of say

lancel paris 9 Is 28
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