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lancel bags nyc but is a lord servant the blood agree
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TOPIC: lancel bags nyc but is a lord servant the blood agree

lancel bags nyc but is a lord servant the blood agree 11 months, 1 week ago #108137

  • tse56mnmda07
Of a!!
However 1/24 of the Wei abilities, strangle to death snake evil die with Nian ant is general!Leave Qin's regrets number interest, weigh and return to proper business to come up, the Wei of evil Xi can be more big and mean the power of evil in the town is more big, if the way that unexpectatively refrains from rash action evil spirit otherly was unequal to white to say?
"But now.."Black person form:"Or there has been a way."
Chapter 82 lord servant blood agrees
Leave Qin's eye sees evil Xi play evil blade of snake, the short cut contained way, in the heart a move:"But have relation with this snake evil blade?"
"You are indeed as expected very intelligent."Tone some abnormalities of evil Xi of dignified, seem is descending what decision:"In this town evil Taichung, I have already taken an oath, as long as canning living to leave here and in spite of pay what price also regardless the sacrifice!But this way.."
"Elder generation but want Be lived abroad to evil blade of snake in?"Tang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Hao suddenly put a mouth, he this talks a , public all without exception one earthquake!
According to reason, the this snake evil blade is just a medium, oneself can the power of loading is very limited, if the evil Xi wants so that Be, necessarily in great quantities fix loss to imagine for, this being a great deal of, absolutely is big canning not!
"Elder generation at the beginning and since can break boundary come to this, at present but why not break boundary but go?"Leave Qin absorbed tone.
"Hum!"The evil Xi seems to be not to wish to answer this question, cold humed 1, turned a head to took a look Tang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Hao:"You since use evil spirit self-discipline and also is regarded as evil boundary middleman, you I settle blood contract, swear to do my the whole life servant, I then dwell a Jing soul the evil blade is at this snake in, spread go to evil achievement, the Er waits this place, then the beard looks for for me the Duo give up of Qu, how?"
The blood agrees this thing, leave Qin isn't unfamiliar at all, this means henceforth Tang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Hao's destiny will be as vitally related as evil Xi, this is the choice that the evil Xi protects a self interest, original intention like oneself at the beginning with watermelon leaf settle the blood agree general have no two.
But the blood contract of oneself and watermelon leaves not lord the servant blood agree, if the watermelon leaf died, ownly fixed for the lunch box big Sun;This evil Xi so-called blood contract, but is a lord servant the blood agree, if have dynasty on the first the evil Xi fix in order to gradually reply, even if killed while no longer needing Tang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Hao he, didn't the slightest injure at the evil Xi as well.
Tang Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Hao bites to grind teeth, is treating to make a noise, but leave Qin jumps the gun a way:"The blood contract can sign!But he will never can make your servant!"
His words sound didn't fall, the evil Xi suddenly sent out one to roar low, black person's form in a moment of then arrive at leave Qin before the body, snake evil blade Gao Gao raises, the blade point almost gets leave Qin's forehead, together black spirit
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