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louis vuitton cheap bags your everythingses all listen to mine."
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TOPIC: louis vuitton cheap bags your everythingses all listen to mine."

louis vuitton cheap bags your everythingses all listen to mine." 11 months, 2 weeks ago #55268

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It wasn't a taste to get up."I drop Niang, coax a female kid,
louis vuitton cheap bags, can't,
wholesale louis vuitton handbags, grandmother of."Person's king is immediately in mind again depressed to get up.
"Is pretty female, oh, be not …, Chu Chu is me not to, should not humiliate you, you don't cry, not hereafter promise to no longer humiliate you."Open several thousand years of wine emperor is immediately panic to get up.
"Wu … Wu …" Chu Chu cries a voice more violent get up.Throw the things like cup,etc of table all at ground up, "Hua ……"
"Not, I swear and from now on didn't humiliate you any further, accidentally drop absolute being that!Hereafter I that you are absolute being to provide, be a Buddha to keep,
black louis vuitton bag, begging you doesn't cry."Listen to gradually cry voice gradually little Chu Chu, person's in the mind king immediately big Anne."Niang!I drop mother, save child!"Person's in the mind king depressedly shouted loudly.
"Is what you said true,,
louis vuitton wallet on sale?"Pretty female Chu Chu wiped Cha tears to see to saying of person's sweet girlish voice king of at a loss what to do.
"The boon is true, trueer than pearl."Person's king is depressed of connect a voice to say.
"Hum!"Chu Chu wiped to do tears and craftily continued to say:"Later I am your elder sister head, your everythingses all listen to mine."
"Ao,, the tonight is Mid-Autumn Festival, you see the moonlight of outside much crafty."Person's king walks to before the window, say.

123 Chu Chus' life experiences[this chapter word count:1510 latest renewal time:2009-11-04 17:15:35.0]
"Wu … Wu …" Chu Chu again cried, however this time tears' pouring is to don't again flow down,,
loui vuitton purses.
"Like, spoilt daughter of a rich family, cried to go at a time, I promise hereafter no longer humiliate you,
louis vuitton coin purse."Person's king is depressed of depend on the chair to say.
"Hum!Calculate you to know mutually, kill person's king, smelly person's king ……."Chu Chu is immediately after surging to not and extremely scold a way.
"Did not hear, don't hear …" person's king in mind continues of recite.
Looking at Chu Chu eats voraciously of shape, make people's king also not from of burn one a leg to take right away at in the hand, six ears and black sky of row or column that also joined to loot.
Keep lookinging at the store of carrying the vegetables small two, Chu Chu not from must peep out pretty female man's natural character, "small two, hurry for me,, at slow of words, this young lady chopped your head!"The store is small two put on a sweat bead on , looking at to just carry
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