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cheap oakley prescription sunglasses such as the end will call yellow some
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TOPIC: cheap oakley prescription sunglasses such as the end will call yellow some

cheap oakley prescription sunglasses such as the end will call yellow some 11 months, 1 week ago #108219

  • yrxa14turawh
Handed over to domestic affairs than the stem,
cheap oakley prescription sunglasses, the outside matter military handed over to smell too teacher.This day,, smell too teacher but is suddenly knock to loudly gather drum, recruit many will say:"Those of you here general!Huang Fei Hu has already returned Ji for week now and necessarily living a disaster disorderly.Now not if rise in revolt first, clearly positive its offense, the square is to send punitive expedition minister not, under the ideas like Er,,etc how?"
At this time world, west Qi a square, only have west the ground of Bo Hou's 200 various Hous and north Bo Hou Chong Hou tiger half of ground, calculate down however is to have world 1/3, the power is big in rather another space.Again because although the dollar dragon makes the form of fainting the Yong,always doesn't corrupt the Yan company's groundwork, a many will get to reach an opinion very quickly, quell campaign against west Qi.
Accounting the argument already Anne, connect down is a consideration parties who BE.Smell too the teacher want to stay in dynasty song, but is leave not get.Being finally public to negotiate is some kind of, but is to make selection, green Long Guan Zhang laurel Fang, Be quell campaign against west Qi commander-in-chief.
After, few days'100,
ray ban outdoorsman ii,000 battalions open to leave for from green Long Guan west Qi.D!~!
Chapter 64 month Mei reappears
…Laurel Fang 100,000 battalion roads beg for a mansion to cross river,
lancel easy flirt, the battalion is vastly and mightily., But is come to know a firm bottom army camp, prepare future to advertise for a war.But in all aspects several days ago, the west Qi has to accumulate before knowing Zhang Gui Fang to the intelligence report
The son tooth is also to rise a soldier debt, various will arrive together,
lancel french flair, the son tooth asks Huang Fei Hu the way:"Wu Cheng Wang, this laurel Fang how is skill?"
Huang Fei Hu slightly a ponder the truth to actually say:"Zhang Gui Fang's skill in martial arts although Jing, but don't can not win.The just this person body resides the Shu of heresy, belligerence before,
oakley sunglass cheap, both parties will get all generally will mutual communication name, such as the end will call yellow some;Just of war, he calls:"Huang Fei Hu doesn't dismount and treat more when?"The end will dismount naturally.Is past to have this Shu, difficult to the wars."
The son tooth smells speech eyebrows tight Cu,, also very helpless.The Yan company is necessarily an orthodox tradition, world much strange person difference the private is more concealed than imperial government in, be like Zhang Gui Fang this kind of have difference Shu of will get,, west Qi but is have no, unless in chance encounter and greatly rob, oneself support in the teacher door west Qi, west Qi,, the root can't include an opportunity.
Huang Fei Hu's speech, but is let present west the skill is various will big is not letter, is also sneer at repeatedly,
lancel purse, inwardly prepare tomorrow make a show of for a while west the Qi is various will of skill, let this the lo lo of Huang Fei Hu that has a meteoric rise.
The son tooth knows this kind of situation naturally, thinking to the end will appear publicly to solve from the bow teacher door, let west the Qi is various to eat the suffering is also good, so also past make not to know.
The second day, have never needed the west Qi one party to challenge little Zhang Gui Fang part but BE
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