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TOPIC: Wang Lin receives a telephone

http://nikenfljerseyscv.webs.c​om/ Wang Lin receives a telephone 11 months, 3 weeks ago #6868

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 Seeing Wang Lin has to walk,, the girl in a soft voice says:"I am consumedly too a principle work two foreign languages fasten of student, you have to have time to come over to seek me to have fun,"
Wang Lin didn't also realize and closed a door to come out, couldn't meet again after he see come to 2 people.
Knocked to knock Zhang Long, that room's door, waited in a short while a woman of coquettish sex appealed to open a door, the original Jiao Yan was some furies, however on seeing is a handsome boy, sign a horse happy way:"Handsome boy, seek who?"
"Long Ge at?"Wang Lin retreated an one step and smelt that flavor on the body really is can not stand.
"Long Ge walked last night."The woman intentionally spaces out some of collars,
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Wang Lin Hua didn't say and turned round and then walked.
Today is November 2, the day for paying wages again.Liu Ling becomes Wang Lin's secret girl friend now, very quick make him become formal employee, the wages is to rise for him 3500.Then plused again to clap two molds especially advertisement, totally give out Wang Lin's 13500 dollars this month.(Although mold especially generation the speech is very high, however Wang Lin is still a company's temporary mold especially, so calculate a 5000 have already been getting aer lot of)
The noon gets off work,
Cheap NFL Jerseys, Liu Ling calls a general manager's office of Wang Lins.
"Lin Zi delivered so much money today, should invite me to have a meal?"On closing a door, Liu Ling became Wang Lin's girl friend and started acting in pettish.
"You a month Zheng so much money still make me pay", this sentence however the in the mind wants and says on the mouth:"Good, I buy two catties of pork at your house and do a fish dog meat silk for you."
Wang Lin originally wants to stir Liu Ling, however Liu Ling very in earnest say, "good, however you must do one more to braise in soy sauce meat."
Manager's office, Wang Lin receives a telephone, is what Sun Qian beats to come.Is originally these days of she usually got off work to seek Wang Lin in the past, however Wang Lin had been being not at home, also thought his occurrence what matter.Know Wang Lin more favour tell Wang Lin very gentle and softly, don't afflict body.
Hang a telephone, Wang Lin dialed He Hong Yan's telephone again, this woman always liked to annoy not to connect he or she's telephone from cradle to the grave.
The telephone rang several voices, then was hanged up,
new era shop, Wang Lin also had no a way.
Segment time gets sick, is fed by Wang Lin before Liu Ling the white white is very fat, the small belly comes out a turn of Zhui meat.It is cutting appetite for these two days, reduce weight.In fact Wang Lin feels Liu Ling before too lose, now just just right, only has some meat meat just while sitting down on the small belly.
Although the woman listens to Wang Lin very much now, however at this
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