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TOPIC: the business of cold cloud maple

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Of the flower has no stop the action of starting the inside,
"H'm!BE fly to rise fairyland."Was cold to order to nod such as the smoke firmness,, " you if don't believe, you ask a handsome elder brother."
The Xiao is a little bit handsome to nod, way:"Not only was old-timer to fly to rise fairyland, in the world eight fairy others also all went fairyland,, my grandpa also went.Still have'the dust float in the sky'Xu Long and his wife'lotus pretty woman'Li Xiao also all went, and,, tell the truth with you, come back with smoke son this time, be want to pick you up to be together in the past,"
Although the flower has no year already near middle age, experience how much of disturbances, but hear words of handsome Xiao, still let the your book actually and greatly eat a surprised, the teapot in the hand drive cold such as the smoke connect over there, "mama, we didn't say this first, you how nearby also have no a servant girl, what the matters all want to begin by himself/herself, how don't you know to love your body!"
"Is alas,, after your daddy walks, mama always feels a carefree come down carefree get panic, so, the wench sent away nearby, what a matter still a do-it-yourself write, the in the mind is dependable."The flower has no Be light to say.
Hear'daddy'two words, cold such as the smoke pour tea of the hand Be tiny to shiver for a while, poured tea and drinks on the table, the Xiao was handsome hurriedly stand up, looking at cold such as smoke moment the face of the deadly pale, not from of way:"Smoke son, you ……" he doesn't know how keep on saying, the business of cold cloud maple, to cold such as the stroke of smoke is really a lot too big.
The panic Tai that sees a daughter, the flower has no Liu Wen Dao:"Smoke son, what's the matter with you?Is the body uncomfortable, facial expression how so difficult see, get sick?"
Is cold flurried way is such as the smoke:"Be free,
Custom NFL Jerseys, I am all right!"The tea and drinks that will spread on the table's after wiping clean sitting doesn't say a words over there.
Xiao handsome favour way:"Spend an aunt, I and smoke son this would be all a bit hungry, you saw, has the meal been already worked well,
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The flower has no say:", I even forgot this matters, I this goes, you slowly chat."
Flower without after leave, the Xiao is handsome to walk to cold is like smoke front of, takeses in being cold such as the smoke shoulder, soft track:"Smoke son, the past matter makes him past,, after, we are together thoroughly living with aunt, compare what all good."
Is cold to in a soft voice sob a way such as the smoke:"H'm, handsome elder brother, I am an in the mind suffered,
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"I know of, smoke son, a little bit strong, to not make the aunt worry, do we have better have this matter forgotten?"Xiao handsome light tone consolation way.
Was cold to order to nod and wipe to do tears such as the smoke,
Nike NFL Jerseys, firmly achieved wisdom:"I will attain."
All pass by in the pleasurable atmosphere for livelong days of Chen Jia Zhuang, handsome in the Xiao and
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