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TOPIC: the that wood sky soars have no necessity again hesitant next go

http://mlb-new-era-hats-shop.w​ the that wood sky soars have no necessity again hesitant next go 11 months, 3 weeks ago #6828

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Lei then deal with them again, if again attackstone Ji Ji to perhaps lose more than gain, plus Se than closely guard Ji Ji of nearby,, oneself basically has no of opportunity.
'Only the fusion solved, this puppet is the hair before using my fusion to make into, should be my current ability, if this puppet canned also blend, and that doomed.'Lin Tian soars an in the mind analysis way,,
'Admire'Lin Tian soar to explode ha 1, made use of the speed of 8 F to hurtle up, the sudden full speed arriving at puppet moved puppet after death before the body, the sword spirit directly splits toward the neck of puppet,
However splitting is medium of is cripple shadow, but the puppet arrived at Lin Tian to soar after death an attack, Lin Tian soared in a twinkling squat down bottom, the anti- hand is one shot,be easily dissolved by the puppet,, you come I go toward,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, 2 people beat up 100 rounds draw, Lin Tian soars to quickly back a part'indeed as expected such, this puppet is regardless strength, speed, still ferocious mien and combat experience with me differ only a few, so that only fusion just go, and the physical strength of this puppet is still emollient the quantity didn't descend of incline to, is the energy infinite?Thus descend see to a meeting be whetted dead,'
But the Se compare to stand on a side to looking at with Ji Ji, root unconcerned, but the Ji Ji is some excitement, because he likes most of be see the other people and puppet kill brutally, then the essence be lived live molestation dead by the puppet, looking at the facial expression of opponent despair, what Ji Ji likes most , although some change.Tai.
The blue Teng is also a mood to dulcify, because he completely can see Lin Tian's soaring have already been placed in bad situation,, 'this time, are you still deathless?'Drinking of satisfied blue Teng delectation one mouthful wine.
Empire article 124 chapter traps(next)
The fragrance of books house renews time:2010-8-95:24:28 chapter word numbers:3954
Since come to a decision and carry on fusion, the that wood sky soars have no necessity again hesitant next go,, however even if is fusion also want to spot opportune moment, best matter quickly of the be over fight, that Se ratio is 9 class warrior, even if oneself blends perhaps is not an opponent either, so want to take advantage o while having never responded to come over he carries on an attack.
The in the mind worked well a plan, Lin Tian soared to start computing himself/herself and Se compare of the distance of .But that puppet turn head sideways to looking at Lin Tian to soar,
Lancel Outlet Shop, didn't attackstone of plan,
The Ji Ji of part obviously has already waited a bit impatiently, sees the Ji Ji do a strange action, then puppet incredibly toward Lin Tian to soar blunt come over.
'The Se compares and my distance, plus this puppet perhaps not attack, only drew on with the Ji Ji'Lin Tian soar a silent calculation
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