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TOPIC: say"eight classes five heavy after say"eight classes five heavy after 11 months, 4 weeks ago #6735

  • bpyajrugv39
The real strenght revealed to see,, you should be a six classes five heavy or so brawl privates,"
Road's containing doesn't deny as well as admits,, the war absolute being battle armor is this kind of thing, still as far as possible little make the other people knowing like.
Old man H'm a , then say"one rank are similar to the margin of one rank,
Lancel Outlet Shop, understood now like you with the margin of of two ranks."
Finish listenning to, the road contains to get a shock, he and eight classes are strong of the real strenght margin has how much he pretty much clear, but the real strenght margin of one rank and two ranks, unexpectedly such of big, this makes people be getting more shocking too much.
At this time, Luo Nuo suddenly openings way"so old Sir, you just say, so the real strenght of three ranks again how?".
The old man smiles of looking at Luo Nuo, say"eight classes five heavy after, will be engage in fisticuffs a whole life hole rank of private beginning, want to rise to six heavy, you know to need to be absorbed how many worlds spiritual influence,",
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The road contains to shake head with Luo Nuo, they don't know, also isn't likely to know, because they have never arrived that kind of Class.
The old ha ha on smiling, say"the demand is from one class a heavy, always the self-discipline reads dint to fivefold eight classes, is also turn over times, common saying says, is also needed a world the amount of spiritual influences that you absorbed to once absorb to encore all right."
The road contains ………Be getting more foolish.
Looking at road to contain of facial expression, the old man seems to be very satisfied, then continues to say"concerning six heavy rise seven heavy, again turn over times,, push by time, be arrive ten heavy behind, can pass circulate to read dint to rise to nine classes, however that is the impossible matter."
The road contains understand, he finally understand why this has no nine classes in the world strong.
Change a words to say, a wither talent person, 5 years old beginning self-discipline, 25 years old arrive eight classes, these are livelong 20 years.
Then he must spend last 20 yearses of time to read dint to rise to eight classes five heavy, that time he also self-discipline 40 years, if want to rise to six to be heavy to get into three ranks.Then want self-discipline again so reading of several years dint, at that time all 80 many year old.
If still need to turn over times, 160 years old seven heavy,, 320 years old eight weigh 640 years old nine weigh 1280 years old just can rise to nine classes, who can live so for a long time!And this returns be regarded as with talent of, have no natural endowments of, whole life don't hope to rise to eight classes six heavy, get into three ranks,
The road contained them to at last open new vista today, finally comprehended what be called strong,
Buy new era caps online, also understood why this is in the world,, never the one who appear to is strong over nine classes, that can belong to legend.
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