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Positive while speaking,, hear the voice that the outside spread a burst of disorder, once male pick eyebrow and soliloquize a , "come!"
"Who come?"Small four sonses didn't understand, male hurriedly grasped have been putting at nearby of medicine box son to outside run, side says to small four sonses,, " small four sons, wait in the big camp don't move, know?"
"H'm!"Small 4 nods and sees male urgently and in a hurry run,, arrive a tent together with rock side to outside see …… see the cloud and mist in one big slice of yellow of black Yang Yang in the front all over the place float to come over.
"Ai?"Small four sonses squat down next ask rock, " rock, do you see be like to be different from,
new era?"
"Zhi Zhi."The rock leaped 跶 to get up, that cloud and mist inside in yellow mixed up with a lightning flash and is previous they far and far see, mountain Ao the clouds of the inside!"
"Rock prohibits to go out!"Small four sonses to after death of rock say, " daddy lets to wait in the big camp ……rock?"
Small four sonses turn head a to see, saw rock don't copy, on the ground a big pit.
Was some to helplessly sigh tone,, small four sonses ran to the pit side to squat down next see, see a good deep pit, the rock digs out of, underneath the drop slip away a pair of small eyes blink to him blink.
Small four sonses are angry,
sale hats, "little idiot,
Wholesale New Era Hats, quickly come up!"
"Zhi Zhi."Rock but yell, seem is make him come down!
"I just 嫑 !"Small four sonses shake head, " daddy wants to worry."Finish saying, hear tent"shout" that the ground flapped about, small four sonses curiously ran to the camp doorway see, see the whole big camps being all covered with by the smoke in yellow, can't seeing everything.
"Daddy!"Small four sonses became nervous and yelled, feel after death and let what things the Diao living and turning head a to see, " rock, are you why,!"
Small four sons drive speaking of east, the rock Diao after wearing the Bo neckband fills into tunnel, then the rock also quickly climbed into.Just went in, hear the top of head"bombed Long" a , the whole tents all fell.
"Small four sons!"Male far and far saw and frightenned the psyches all flew out ……
At this time, he just at with temple Sun together ……use a pocket, go toward outside put blue of smoke,
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Those yellow smoke as long as be touched by the blue smoke, immediately drop for the meeting dissipation ……
In fact exhibition Zhao and white jade hall has already come back,,
Custom NFL Jerseys, platinum hall and temple Sun are also found out, just they in private went into a soldier debt, Zhao Pu hasn't been saying.
This Huang only what is the row?!
Male gets a conclusion after studying for a while those medicine powders, this is medicine that can make people poisoned and see thing.
Gong Sun says that this is 1 kind of evil magic in Western Regions, that
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