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TOPIC: I take them to have no Zhe.However I with them say for a while

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The old man claps cloud to float in the sky shoulder to smile to scold a way.
Cloud floated in the sky to smile to smile and turned head to say to Yang Meng Ru:
"I send to the elder generations first to go upstairs, you wait here.Presumably and in a short while and someone comes, you should all know., To, if there are two sisters a pairs that is exactly alike to open sports car coming over, also get to our house, don't forget."
"Know, you sent everyone first up.I wait here."Yang Meng Ru gentle and softly answers a way, however face the top flash across is one silk haze.
"Leave, the everybody elder generation pleases first!"Cloud floats in the sky a Su hand way.
A stem old man is just preparing to move, but sees black super battalions already fore the noodles line moves.Cloud floats in the sky to see this scene not from to the wry smile way of old man:
"Sun Lao, like this, I that small house basically sit not bottom ah, rather make them return to first.I think with my ability protection you still not a problem of."
"Let them return to?Afraid is very difficult.Sometimes Hou, I take them to have no Zhe.However I with them say for a while, make them foolish in the down stairs be."
Old man walks to led the way big fellow in front to say a few words, but saw that stalwart big fellow noodles exposing a difficult color.Suddenly that guy walks to cloud to float in the sky in front to sink a voice to say:
"Can you promise the safety of everybody chief?So many chiefs are here, in case of ……that result be so terrible we dare not think about it!"
After shaking hands, cloud floats in the sky light a smile:
"Direction at 3:00, 15 F upstairs just went up two snipers;The direction 20 F at 6:00 the floor is a , at 9:00 two directions.Moreover there is still your 34 people outside this yard and distribute on all sides."
Big fellow one face is shocked, the facial expression all changed, from thought very hidden and thoughtful protection measure, but drive somebody else freely the way come, that the failure is upset how can not also cover up.
"Be free, have me at, promise all right, bother you foolish in the down stairs.Ha ha, mainly is that my that house is so really too small, can not enter many people."Cloud floats in the sky to clap his shoulder to say with smile.
Flank one stem is paying attention to the black dress big fellow of affair development, see the hand that cloud float in the sky not difficult and then clap on the guy led the way, all immediately is one Zheng.They know their eldest brother what temperament, never the person can run into his shoulder and seem he all is placed in protection status forever, but didn't expect ……incredibly break rules today.
"Leave, everybody elder generation, we go up.As for these are severals, put~to the trouble in the down stairs to wait for a second, time also can't very long."Cloud floats in the sky to these tenth, the old man say.
While arriving to upstairs but Be heard to the voice of sea exaggeration positive
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