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l0uis vuitton handbags in the his hand now in addition to purple mansion thunder sign outside
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TOPIC: l0uis vuitton handbags in the his hand now in addition to purple mansion thunder sign outside

l0uis vuitton handbags in the his hand now in addition to purple mansion thunder sign outside 11 months, 2 weeks ago #36340

  • eamtaoqgen33
"This how again?"Chen Qi Hua just finished saying, in the heart suddenly on moving, immediately surprised a head of cold sweat.He certainly knows how, the just so-called ordinary person not guilty keeps in mind Bi its offense, fatty Liu can recognize this is Long Yin Jian, that old man of iron Shan certainly also recognizes this is Long Yin Jian!
World first magic weapon!List these six words have already been good enough to let the many people is getting more crary, much less, this sword now is control at Chen Qi this ……this connecting three to rob don't attain of in the small Taoist priest hand, think that this will lead come how many persons coax to rob?
However, most his mama suppresses to bend of BE, Chen Qi takes of, but just that world the scabbard of a sword of first magic weapon isn't a real world the first magic weapon is just!
The nobody will believe that packing unexpectedly in this scabbard of a sword is a rust sword, owner will think is Chen Qi that world the first magic weapon hid.Chen Qi in nowadays, even cried to all have no a place to cry, he really jumped yellow river to also wash not pure!
Chen Qi is depressed ground to stare at to begin medium rust sword silent for a long time, end finally piece open mouth, Liao a gutter language:"I hold your fire Taoist priest of big Ye!"
Chen Qi really wants to pull over fire Taoist priest to put out strength Chuai him, your his mama of if give I a recognized true Long Yin Jian also, can your his mama give me a scabbard of a sword, in packed a break ragged lousy rust sword, this not put clear frame up your Chen Da Dun Ye?
"And, not only there was fatty Liu, but also had another two superiors at that time, this matter perhaps and in a few days inside will spread the whole true boundary of fixing, when the time comes ……" fatty Liu helplessly saw 71 eyes, soft-voiced way:"The Yan city perhaps will be getting more noisy when the time comes!"
The Hui son beside sinks a track:"The only way is childe now, you hurriedly please to the Xuan machine teacher in the sky, there is Xuan machine teacher staying in for sky, even if come again many superiors, they don't dare to wanton in the Xuan machine teacher in front in the sky!"
"This matter is really troublesome!"Chen Qi tightly knits the brows, he now pour is to want to seek old liar to help, can the key of problem is go to which seek.However the unique is worth and delighted now BE, in the his hand now in addition to purple mansion thunder sign outside, there is also another trump card, be from the fire Taoist priest there rob of bottle gourd, fill up the south leave fiery bottle gourd clearly!
Think and that bottle gourd, Chen Qi doesn't have once the spirit flap and face upward way:"In fact this matter also need not teacher in person horse, I have a teacher to grant to nextly work properly a sign and need not fear those gangsters, either!"
"This pours is also!"Fatty Liu nods and looking at Chen Qi Dao:"If childe display purple mansion thunder with the purple mansion heart method sign, even if is the old man of iron Shan so of
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