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TOPIC: "The Meng is some to feel that we should make a surprise attack Xiao jade

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Words, a little bit slower march;If feel the words being assumed in the performance on the carouse Xiao jade, the senior had better arrive to fly in the void ferry station in front of the bright sky and killed Xiao jade and Wu Tian Xiao."
Hear this words, the Xiao jade cans not help an in the mind 1:00, almost exposed own breathing.
The words of Luo's dust stop descend have no a short while, to the voice of dollar Ji ring get up.
"The elder brother of the Meng, do you feel that the Xiao jade is assumed in the performance on the carouse?"
"Belong to next can not see clearly Xiao jade what's wrong, however, is so easy of listen to the opinion establishment blood tiger hall, plan mansion but again in sky of Luo's brothers to be different from his behaviour style at ordinary times."
"With the Meng elder brother's meaning, are we to should fly in the void the ferry station sneak attack Xiao jade?"
"The Meng is some to feel that we should make a surprise attack Xiao jade, but, if Wei spread to betray elder generation of, we can not necessarily kill Xiao jade."
Although the Xiao jade could not see the appearance at this time toward the dollar Ji,the Xiao jade can also guess.
The words that hear Menzi's mountain, originally wrinkle up toward the dollar Ji of eyebrows wrinkly and more tight.
Back and forth took a stroll 7 turns, to dollar the cold light is one Shan, sink a track in the middle of the Ji eyes:"Opportunity knocks but once, never come again.We are Xiao jade and have already discovered Luo's dust not to, fly in the void ferry station to kill Xiao jade now."
Hear this words, Xiao jade in the mind a tight, can not help some penitence have no at discover that Luo's dust is a spy of directly killed Luo's dust.
Xiao Yu figures out of stratagem absolutely on the whole of the top is an extraordinary plan, but, this extraordinary plan of not only and behind plan once being wrong is one-step fantasy, oneself will also because of calculate wrong the reaction of place but proceed from a dangerous situation in.
"I always inwardly sneer at other people too by one's own and unexpectatively I also did an equally stupid matter by myself.I again be not to dollar Ji, again how may guess toward the dollar Ji to each reaction of affair?"
Inwardly self-ridicule some kind of, the Xiao jade prepares to immediately return to fly in the void ferry station.
At this time, Xiao great voice in the sky at his knew to ring in the sea.
"Carefully at 1:00, have no noodles way person to come."
Hear this words, the Xiao jade heart bottom a tight, strong press down the viewpoint that prepares to leave.
At this time, a heavy thing falls to the ground of the voice and surprised noise of shouting spread to a Xiao jade ear.
"Teacher, what's the matter with you?"
"Have no noodles way person to get hurt?He just dealt with all things of the universe mountain, that mountain thief and those snake demon?"
In the Xiao jade heart just appeared this viewpoint, have no noodles way person make him know that he guessed right.
"In rushing through coming and the road of your round, be made a surprise attack for a while by a mean person, however there is no big Ai, cultivate for one and half months of the ability temporarily press down the condition of the injury."
"The teacher recognizes the person who makes a surprise attack you?"
"Saying is ashamed, a teacher even that person's looks didn't also see pure."
Cough two after, have no noodles way person
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