Created: 07 October 2019

THE FUTURES TOUR UPDATE- Futures Tour Registration will now begin on October 21st! 

Registration Process -Registration will be open to current USASA athletes in their region beginning on October 21st for the first two weeks. You must hold a US Ski & Snowboard and FIS license and be 13 years of age and older and eligible for a FIS license. You may register only for the event in your region until November 4th. Register online only within the USASA series event schedules where the Futures Tour is present. 

The Futures events are in Western, Central and two each in Rockies and New England. Those athletes in Eastern will be able to register across any event after November 4th. If you register for a Futures event outside of your region during the early registration time (Oct 21-Nov 4) and the event becomes oversold you may be removed from the start list and will not be refunded. *Exception- Podium winners at the 2019 USASA National Championships in pipe and slope in Age Group or Open will have priority and may register for all events in advance. 

Start Lists- If the event becomes full before the registration close date, the Organizing Committee will fill the field based off of FIS Points or USASA NR rank (age class or open) whichever FIS or USASA is higher. A waitlist will be organized on site if needed. The final start list will be named on site at the TC meeting the night before the event per FIS rules. All athletes must be represented at the TC meeting or they will be pulled before the field is set. Refunds will not be given except in a medical emergency with a letter from the physician. 

The events are run by USASA and sanctioned by USASA and FIS in co-ordination with US Ski & Snowboard. 
Points and Ranking- Athletes will receive USASA Regional and National Ranking points in your age group* and FIS points. * 13 year old Breakers will not receive USASA points. The events will be scored on an open range and then age group points will be assigned for the USASA result. The FIS result will not reflect age groups. All results will also be scored on the WSPL. 
Daily Schedules -will be available per each event on the respective USASA Series website by Nov, 4th. FIS rules will be followed and USASA rules respected. Finals formats will be determined at the TC meeting prior to the event.


1. Who should sign up for these events? The events are open to those with a FIS license, and USASA membership who are 13 or older, however athletes should consider if they are ready to step up to an open style format with bigger features and a higher level of difficulty.

 2. How do these events qualify me to the Rev Tour/NorAm events? FIS points are averaged each points cycle and you can move up the rank to be next in line for the Nor-am. Additionally, the top 2 finishers from each Futures Tour Slopestyle and top 3 from halfpipe will be eligible to register for any remaining Rev Tour events in season. Spots handed down up to 10th or 5th position for men and women respectively. 

3. How do I qualify for the USASA National Championships now? The same way as always. These six events serve as both USASA qualifiers and allow athletes to stay in their age group and begin to work on their FIS point profile. Keep in mind USASA has lowered the qualification number for the bigger age groups to 68 max field size at the 2020 USASA National Championships.

4. Do I have to move to open class? No, you do not, you can stay in USASA age class and compete in age class at National Championships. These events have no bearing on movement up to Open and will help you earn FIS points to be considered for the Rev Tour or bigger events in the future. If you want to compete in the FIS finals event at National Championships you will have to choose either age class or Open. 

5. Where do I register? You register at and find the event in each series where they are represented. You must sign up for each event separately. Reminder: You may only sign up in your region for the first two weeks. You may forfeit your entry if you register out of region before November 4th. 

6. How come Breakers don't get USASA points? Due to FIS age being 13, only the older half of the USASA breaker (12-13) age group can compete. Therefore it wouldn't be fair to assign regional/national USASA points without the entire age group represented. 13 year olds can work on their FIS point profile and utilize traditional USASA events to qualify to nationals with the rest of the breaker group.

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