Thursday May 28, 2015

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Benji Farrow 2011 Copper Grand PrixSo the 2011 Copper Grand Prix is a wrap, and it was one for the books!! ESPN has a already called it one of the best pipe contests they have seen. Myself, Christian Haller, Ryo Aono, Greg Bretz, Louie Vito, and winner Luke Mitrani  all had scores in the 90's! That rarely happens. After taking a hard fall on my head in Fridays practice doing a cab ten I was unsure whether I was going to be able to compete to my full potential.

Fortunately I was cleared to ride by our US Team doctor Gillian and I dropped in with full confidence. My first run I played it safe and skipped out on the Cab 10 and opted for the Cab 7. It gave me a pretty good score so I decided to step it up on my second run and do the Cab 10. I dropped in and forgot all about the past day and stomped my run, going, Front 10, Cab 10, Straight Air, Back 5, Front 12. It was and awesome feeling to redeem  myself on the Cab 10 and I was happy with the score of 90.0 that left me in 6th place at the end of the day!

I would like to thank all my sponsors, friends and fans who came out to watch all of us on such a nice day!

Benji Farrow 2011 Copper Grand Prix

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