Created: 21 October 2019


Rocky Mountain Series Copper Mtn HP 12/5 SB & FK Closed Practice - 12/6SB & FK Comp
Southern Vermont Series Mt Snow SS 1/21st SB - 1/22 FK
New Hampshire Series Loon SS & HP 1/24th SB SS - 1/25th SB & FK HP - 1/26th FK SS
The Unbound Series  Mammoth SS & HP 2/11th SB SS - 2/12th FK SS - 2/13th SB & FK HP
Rocky Mountain Series Copper Mtn SS 2/24th Open Practice - 2/25th FK - 2/26th SB Comps
Big Mountain West Series Park City HP & SS 2/27th Open Practice - 2/28th SB & FK HP - 2/29th SB SS - 3/1st FK SS Comps
Upper Midwest Snow Series Spirit SS & HP 3/5th Open Practice - 3/6th SB SS - 3/7th FK SS - 3/8th HP Comps 

*All HP Days are Combined SB=Snowboard FK=Freeski

The Futures Tour calendar has been set and registration is now open. 

You may only register for a contest in your home series region for the first two weeks. USASA, US Ski & Snowboard and FIS memberships are required to register for an event.  Minimum age is 13. Event will be scored Open for FIS and age groups for USASA. Breakers will not receive Regional USASA points. (12 yr olds are not allowed to compete per FIS rules.) Visit THE FUTURES TOUR FAQ for more info.

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